Pearson English Interactive

Pearson English Interactive

Pearson English Interactive

Pearson English Interactive

Pearson English Interactive (PEI) is a four-level video-based program with over 100 hours of online practice and instruction designed to develop students’ English language skills and improve proficiency.

PEI is the updated version of Longman English Interactive. There is only one version of PEI: International English.


Benefits for students

Pearson English Interactive helps busy adults build their English for international communication. Learners will enjoy watching the rich video-based lessons that help them set personal learning objectives and engage with English in a safe, structured online learning environment. Practise all skills including speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing - anytime, anywhere and see the immediate results with rich feedback in the course diagnostics.  

Material is ideal for both self-study and teacher-led classes guiding and supporting students all along. It includes culture and language notes and placement test, so you know which level to choose! 

Benefits for teachers

With Pearson English Interactive, teachers are able to individualize instruction and track learners’ progress carefully. This allows for meaningful teacher-student interaction with English outside of the classroom so that class time can be used for face-to-face interaction.
Teachers save time and reduce paperwork with this online learning tool and the course gradebook and diagnostics are better than ever before!


New features (compared to LEI):

  • Improved registration function
  • Larger video screen player
  • Translated interface and help
  • Actively developed platform
  • Tablet compatibility: support for iPad and Android devices
  • Multiple tests and quizzes by skill (up to 70 per level)

If you are interested to see the demo version, contact your local representative.


The full version of the course will be available in September 2014.


On the website for teachers you'll find:


On the website for students you'll find:

  • more info about PEI,
  • scope and sequence for each level,
  • correlation to CEFR and Global Scale of English.
  • tips how to work with PEI,
  • sample videos,
  • score converter,
  • technical support.


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