Do you feel your students could do more? Learn more vocabulary, do more activities?
Then Pockets is the right title for you!
Little Pockets and Pockets, second edition, introduces exciting new features to the very popular English course. This series continues to use the successful five-step pedagogy of Warm Up, Presentation, Practice, Application and Assessment, while developing language and developmental skills through fun hands-on activities.
Little Pockets and Pockets develops language and development skills through hands-on, fun activities. Appealing animal mascots, dynamic songs and chants, stickers, home/school activities, and a Video Program motivate children and help them build confidence in communicating in English. Reach into Pockets for the most successful classroom ingredients!

  • Conversations, songs and chants, punchout or cut-out activities, and stickers

  • Age-appropriate reading and writing readiness activities

  • Tell-a-Story books

  • Home/school connections including Audio CD

  • Classroom Video with guide

  • Interleaved Teacher’s Edition, with content connections, bulletin board ideas, and neurolinguistic programming tips

  • Posters with lesson plans

  • Beautifully illustrated Picture Dictionary


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