Ricky the Robot

Ricky the Robot

Ricky the Robot

Ricky the Robot



Fun classes, happy teachers!

Ricky the Robot is the new course that really reflects young children’s tastes and interests. Children will learn English with Ricky without even noticing it, through fun and innovative characters, attractive illustrations, engaging stories and a wide variety of digital materials, while teachers will love the innovative but easy-to-use range of top classroom resources.

The course has been built around the following features:

  •     stories - ignite the imagination
  •     topics - each unit is arranged around a theme familiar to children
  •     activities - Songs, chants, games, puzzles, crafts, role-play

The course meets the needs of any pre-primary teacher. In its components and configuration, Ricky the Robot offers all the best features of quality pre-primary education material combined with the best English Language Teaching methodology, contents and design, especially the wide range of audiovisual and multimedia support material for teachers.

Ricky the Robot Starter

Ricky the Robot Level 1 Ricky the Robot Level 2
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The teacher's resources include:

  • Teachers Book with letters to parents, evaluation charts, photocopiables.  
  • Audio CD
  • Interactive posters (one per unit plus a routines poster and a festivals poster)
  • Big Book
  • Flashcards
  • Ricky Rom (can be used on iWB)
  • Ricky soft toy

Ricky ROM

Parents can also join in the fun at home when children share what they learn in school using the activities on their Ricky ROM (included with every Student Book).
It icludes:
  • songs, chants
  • animated versions of Big Book Stories
  • karaoke videos of songs with actions
  • interactive games and activities
  • digital flashcards
  • interactive posters

Read more at www.pearsonELT.com/rickytherobot


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