Authors: Sandy Zervas, Catherine Bright

GoGetter is a new multi-level secondary course designed to inspire 21st century teenage learners and help them achieve their language goals. Exam practice is seamlessly integrated and innovative multimedia includes authentic BBC content which students can access in the classroom or at home.

Understanding that teenagers today live in a fast-moving, dynamic world governed by new technologies, GoGetter provides learning solutions focused on motivating, inspiring and developing young minds within a positive classroom environment. GoGetter provides the skills, knowledge and expertise students should master to succeed in work and life in the 21st centuryGet Culture! sections build collaborative, creative and communication skills through its project work.

Scaffolded, step-by-step learning

GoGetter creates a supportive and positive learning environment through its step-by-step approach. Grammar is clearly presented in a scaffolded, step-by-step approach with two lessons dedicated to grammar in each unit. Target structures are presented in a very clear and student-friendly way through grammar boxes, which are used as reference point for students to learn and practice with.

A step-by-step learning approach is combined with motivating multimedia that includes authentic, BBC videos and interactive activities, and with Assessment for Learning present in all components it means you can be the best you can be - be a GoGetter!

Pearson and the BBC

The partnership between Pearson and the BBC promotes excellence through their high-quality, educational and authentic content that is relevant and motivating for the teenage classroom. Promoting 21st Century skills for the modern learner, BBC content focuses on:

  • developing knowledge of other cultures
  • collaboration in project work
  • communication skills

Videos in GoGetter

GoGetter brings the outside world into the classroom through authentic, BBC Get Culture! videos, hosted by the BAFTA award winning BBC presenter Maddie Moate.

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Grammar and Communication videos provide the opportunity for critical thinking through cliff-hanger endings, and provide model dialogues for natural, everyday English and pronunciation.

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Grammar Animations provide a memorable way of learning with loveable characters - learning grammar can be fun!

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Extra Online Practice

Extra Online Practice (powered by MyEnglishLab) provides:

  • motivating video-based interactive activities for every unit
  • extra language revision material for effective consolidation
  • access to all Students’ Book video and audio so students can watch or listen again and again

Achieve exam success

Practice activities in exam-style format are seamlessly integrated into lessons, providing students with practice so they can pass tests and achieve their goals.

The Workbook provides extra practice, plus additional online revision activities are available through Extra Online Practice.

The teacher's Test Book covers PTE Young Learners and Cambridge exam-style tasks.

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