Next Move

Next Move

Next Move

Next Move

The ideal guide for your language learning journey from first steps to last.

Next Move is an all-in-one course package bursting with options for creating dynamic, personalised classes that challenge and motivate today’s 21st Century teenagers whatever their learning styles!

  • Learning will be much easier and a more enjoyable experience thanks to the solid and balanced mixed ability approach that helps teachers cater for different learning styles
  • The clear methodology and structure along with the real culture and citizenship connections makes learning English enjoyable and achievable
  • Cross-curricular contents expand knowledge and transferable skills across the curriculum and exciting real life contexts ensure that all students communicate effectively
  • The rich combination of online and offline digital teaching tools creates an environment that is fun, fast-moving and motivating for students

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Browse through
the Student's Book
Browse through
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Browse through
the Student's Book

The move to 21st Century Learning
The 21st century world is not about knowledge: it’s about how to get information. The 21st century lesson must go beyond the classroom. Students should be taught how to look for and select information, solve probems and interact with people, which reflects the needs and opportunities of the modern world.

Next Move is following a path of 21st century learning, with carefully structured, multi-level approach.
21st Century Skills
- thinking and problem solving skills
- self-directional skills
- interpersonal skills and communication

21st Century Subjects, Themes and Content
- CLIL sections to focus on core subjects and 21st century themes

21st Century Context
- context relevant to students' lives
- creating opportunities for interaction
- bringing the world into the classroom, taking the students out into the world

21st Century Tools (MyEnglishlab, ActiveTeach, Active Book on PC and Tablet)
- information and communication technologies including computers, the Internet and other technologies
- audio, video, media


Now you can provide online learning with MyEnglishLab. The instant marking and monitoring make this the perfect choice that leaves no student behind and keep you ahead of the game!

Enriched Learning

  • Interactive activities
  • Powerful on-line tools
  • Instant grades

Informed teaching

  • Intuitive grade book
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Instant analysis time spent on activities

Flexible Solutions

  • Teachers create their MyEnglishLab course
  • Students practise where and when they want
  • Choose activities and tests that meet specific needs
  • Activities assigned to students with different needs

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