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Live Beat approved by the Ministry

Live Beat, our brand new course for secondary schools has been approved by the Ministry. Learn more why Live Beat is by many regarded as the best choice for teenage students.


BIG ENGLISH approved for school use!

We are happy to announce that BIG ENGLISH has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Latvia for official school use!


A scale that is 13 times more detailed than CEFR

The revolutionary GSE has been developed to help you observe the most incremental progress your students make day by day. See how it works.


Automated scoring demystified.

Progress is a professional assessment tool which uses automated scoring algorithms. Click to see how it works.


Objective, adaptive, comprehensive

What else should you expect of a good progress assessment tool? Check the ultimate alphabet of testing!


Assessment that boosts motivation

Detailed feedback along the course builds self-confidence and helps students stay on track. Learn about a professional, easy-to-use tool that will help you measure progress along your courses.


Get Culture Close-UP FOR FREE

Planning to use a Pearson course with your secondary school students in the coming school year? We have 10 customizable culture videos for you. Learn more.


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